I'm Daniel. I started this website while I was in the 9th grade, but now I'm off in college.


I've always enjoyed writing, illustrating and modeling in clay. In the 2nd grade, I wrote and illustrated my first book. Here's the cover.

I began to think about a new book that would help young kids address some of the issues they face in today's world and also learn about new and exciting things. But I also wanted to keep their interest in a new and unique way. So my brother Alex and I combined traditional story telling with fun images and an online, 3D experience to bring the books to life.  


I'm Alex. I'm currently a 12th grade student in Miami, although I started working on Sunny in the 7th grade. As you probably guessed, I'm Daniel's younger brother.


The Sunny Books have  been a wonderful family experience and my role is to bring the 3D technology into the books, by creating 3D models, 3D scans, uploading them to special 3D capable websites and printing out Sunny's world on a 3D printer.

I really hope you enjoy Sunny and his 3D world.



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